"In my opinion, there is no better cure for sore shins in horses than using this tool. On haematomas, swellings of any kind and amazingly broken bones."
- Gino Gibbs - Kingwood House Stables at Marcus Tregoning Racing.





Westville Therapy Systems are designers and suppliers of veterinary pulsed electro-magnetic therapy units, a portable, cost effective solution to animal physiotherapy and injury repair. The range includes the popular Bio-Mag units.

Our product range also includes combined photo-therapeutic attachments as used on the 2006 Derby winner Sir Percy.

All Westville products are designed as a result of scientific research and only use pulsed field therapy.
All frequencies and treatment guidelines are purely the intellectual property of Dr D.C. Somerville FRSA.

Ethical Concerns

For clients using the equipment on their own animals, Westville Therapy will supply on the basis that the application of the equipment is under the direction of a qualified person i.e. a veterinary surgeon or a level 6 qualified therapist.

For clients using the equipment professionally for gain, then Westville Therapy requires a declaration that the therapist has an accredited qualification at level 6 or above or be registered either ACPAT or IRVAP.


CPD opportunity on 7th June 2015 at Sutton Bonnington Campus, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science.

'Electrical Nature of Soft and Hard Tissue Pulsed Magnetic Interactions.' by Dr David Somerville FRSA in partnership with CEPT.

See CEPT.org.uk for bookings.


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